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This event is an online coaching workshop for dental teams delivered live, and supported by post event coaching calls.  

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Systems & Time Management

In This Workshop We’ll Cover: 

Get Organized & Get More Done! Learn to master your time, your tasks and organize your surroundings to raise your level of productivity and lower your stress!

  • The rarest commodity in the dental office for everyone on the team is time.  There is just not enough time in the day and recognizing that is the first step to fixing the problem.  We will break down the areas in the office where time gets lost and how that time can be found again. 
  • In order to get better systems and get more time, you have to prioritize what is important and then block time for those things.  In the dental office, the schedule runs us most of the time, so making sure that you are not only controlling your dental schedule well but also your own schedule is key to your success. 
  • Systems, or the lack of good ones, is one of the main issues for a dental office.  Most offices are very reactive to issues as they arise.  This course will help you learn the key systems needed in your office and how to implement them so you have more success and productivity with less stress. 
  • Setting goals is the final step to getting more organization into your future but setting ones that are not achievable can hurt even more than not setting any at all.  Setting realistic, achievable and appropriate goals are essential for continued growth for you and your practice. 



Want even more support? Join us for 4 weeks of coach-led training post event. See your options below.


Getting Out Of Network Steps to Success

In This Workshop We’ll Cover:

Doing more for less is not necessarily the way many dentists want to run their business long term.  If you are considering of getting out of network with some or all the dental insurance plans, let us help you put a plan in place. There is a smart way to go about the process and this course will outline from the beginning to end to help you in each step of the way. 

  • Before you consider getting out of insurance, you need to first make sure your house is in order.  Patients are more likely to come and stay with your office and not just because you are in their insurance, when they feel that they are getting a value for their money, therefore having your office in the best shape possible is important before you make any moves to drop insurance. 
  • Whether you plan to drop out of insurance plans or not, assessing your productivity, effectiveness and office growth is always a great exercise to go through to ensure you are maximizing efforts.  We will discuss the key systems and metrics to look at when starting the process of this analysis.  
  • Deciding what insurance to drop, when and how is the next step as you move forward.  Knowing which plans make the most sense and planning how you want to go about this is the first step in a successful change as significant as this.  
  • Getting your team on board is vital to not only ensure they know how to support the change in status but also how to communicate it to patients.  Successful communication of your decision and status to your team and to your patients will be a necessary foundation to making this move.  


Want even more support? Join us for 4 weeks of coach-led training post event. See your options below


A Training Experience Like No Other!

We kick off our workshops with a 6 hour live streamed workshop, to jump start your practice growth. Then we continue working with Doctors, Practice Administrators, and Teams for 4  weeks in coach-led training.  We’ll cover ONE big action step that you can execute THAT week in your business.

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A Hybrid (LIVE & VIRTUAL) Dental Team Training Event Like No Other!

Live Event

2020 has forced business owners to pivot and adapt. Now more than ever the systems and way we handle the workflow is evolving. We are going to show you that you that you can stay productive, create efficient system, and reduce insurance dependancy!  Join us live! All sessions are recorded and you will have additional access to the replay after the event.


4 Week Coaching Program

These events will inspire you and challenge you to change the way you think about your practice! Don’t just settle for the status quo or the way it’s always been done. Let us help you implement change.


Connections and Community

A team of coaches will lead you through the biggest pivots you can make to start seeing results immediately. Plus you’re going to connect with other dental professionals going through the same challenges you are and together we’ll motivate each other for change.
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Meet Your Coaches 

Missy Pollard

Missy Pollard

Mastery Coach

Missy has a passion for helping offices find the best ways to communicate with their patients and help create an outstanding experience for each person who walks through the door. Missy’s many years of a background in the dental industry has helped her to develop exceptional communication and relationship building skills that have afforded her to work closely with doctors and their teams to get the most out of their training with our foundation programs and now our Mastery Coaching program.
Laura Hatch

Laura Hatch

Founder of Front Office Rocks

Laura Hatch is known internationally as the Leader in Dental Front Office Solutions and Training and the founder of Front Office Rocks. Laura is a best-selling author of her book “Step Away from the Drill” and a member of the National Speaker’s Association, the Speaking Consulting Network, the Academy of Dental Management Consultants and a Fellow of the American Association of Dental Office Managers.
Lyndsey Wills

Lyndsey Wills

Mastery Coach

As a veteran office manager for over 10 years in a busy multi-dentist practice, Lyndsey knows first hand the keys to success of managing a productive team and dental practice. As a coach, Lyndsey has great skills working with the doctors and teams to assess their needs and helping them develop a plan to succeed. She excels in providing detailed direction and believes in helping practices elevate every area within the practice especially scheduling, systems, & culture and provides unlimited resources to help hold the practice accountable to succeed.

Get closer than ever to your customers. So close, in fact, that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.  – Steve Jobs

What Our Members are Saying

Absolutely fantastic!! Today I attended the Charlotte, NC Front Office Rocks training taught by Laura. I walked away with SO much! Hands down we will continue to use Front Office Rocks in our dental practice. It was also really good to have a training session dedicated solely for the front desk. So rare do we have classes and training built around the front desk position that truly understands our role and needs!

Julie Foster Morton, Bradford Dentistry

This is very informative online training for not only front office team members but also for clinical staff. It is very nice to have this training available to guide new front office employees.

Ashlee Hanson

We’ve been a Front Office Rocks customer for several years. Laura’s content has remained our go to training material…
Dr. James Maxwell
Laura and her team are amazing!! A LOT of great information and resources! Currently taking the courses and can’t believe how much knowledge I am gaining! Well worth it!!

Motofamily Dentistry

Front Office Rocks really does ROCK! Laura, Missy, and Lyndsey are great. Such a wonderful resource for all things front desk. I highly recommend Front Office Rocks!

K Sullivan

I can not say enough about how valuable Front Office Rocks is to me! I have a passion for dentistry and for continually striving to push not only myself but my team to be the best we can be. Laura has developed a business system and program like no other in the industry! …The team feels empowered with the knowledge to be the best they can be and know that they are contributing to the success of the office. Want to be a professional office with a highly trained TEAM, FRONT OFFICE ROCKS AND PHONE TRAINING MASTERY IS A MUST! Do you want a team whose culture is defined by default or one that is created by design? You choose! If you want the latter, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Front Office Rocks… I am a member of Front Office Rocks, for life! Thanks Laura and Missy!
Daniel V. Balderrama, D.D.S.

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All Live Workshops Include Continuing Education Credit Hours

Course Objectives: 

October 15   Case Presentation and Case Acceptance ABC’s

Attitudes, Barriers and Conversations – Discover the keys that bring your patients to YES! Empower yourself, your team and your patients to understand the why behind your treatment plans and where case acceptance begins.

  •  Recognize that case acceptance starts before the first phone call to your practice
  • Review all of the factors that impact case acceptance and how to maximize them before your team presents a treatment plan
  • Discuss developing a treatment plan focused on patient need and not just what the insurance will pay for. 
  • Examine how the when, where and how you present the treatment plan can impact case acceptance and the best practices to of all of these for your office.
  • Distinguish how to understand the patient by knowing their needs, wants and specific situation and how to present to those specifically is key to case presentation and increasing case acceptance
  • Discuss how treatment acceptance does not always happen the first time you present it and how to developing the right follow up system can say a lot to your patients about how much you care and the importance of what they need and ultimately increase case acceptance and their trust and loyalty to your office. 

October 16  –  Internal Marketing and Reactivation Roadmap

Our patients’ attitudes towards us are based on their entire experience and it affects their overall satisfaction and future decisions about us. Identify how your team contributes to your practice culture, the impact for your patients and whether they refer others to your practice or even come back themselves. Recognize your back door problem and how to cultivate from your own reserves to help reach your revenue goals, keep schedules filled and improved patient outcomes. Understand that making the process fun and getting people to talk about you and your office is the first step to having an impactful internal marketing and reactivation program.

  • .   Identify that the first step to internal marketing is to close the back door problem that currently exists in most practices and that you cannot grow your practice if you are losing more existing patients than you are gaining new patients. 
  • Distinguish how Internal marketing starts with practice culture and the teams attitude toward asking for referrals.
  • Discuss not only the importance of why we need the team to be involved to maximize internal marketing opportunities but relate how to train them on ways to do it successfully. 
  • Review how having an active and effective reactivation program is essential for a growing office
  • Examine how to make your reactivation program part of the daily norm of the practice and how to calculate the results to see that it is bringing back those patients that have disappeared.
  • Distinguish that having fun is the key to getting more patients to refer and getting your team excited about how they can impact both internal marketing & reactivation.