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How to implement office systems into your practice

QUESTION: I have systems in my office but no one is using them properly?  How do I get my team on the same page? ANSWER: Great question!  The intention of office systems and protocols is to create efficiency, consistency and flow in the office.  What I have found is...

We Just Hired A New Unexperienced Employee How Do We Train?

Question: I have just hired a new team member.  She is young, this is her first "real" job and I am concerned that her lack of experience is reflected in how she communicates with people. What can I do to help her speak more professionally? Answer: You have taken the...

How to outsource A/R and or use a collections agency

QUESTION: Laura mentioned outsourcing A/R and using a collections agency if needed. She talked about interviewing the companies. What would we ask and what’s important to know? ANSWER:I recommend outsourcing things like Insurance Verification and Accounts Receivable...

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