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Don’t worry about training your team to effectively manage front desk duties because Front Office Rocks will do all of that for you. Our 90-day Practice Management Action Plan presents unmatched, indispensable information on how to train your team to perform at their optimal best, while keeping your practice up-to-date and running smoother than ever. Best of all, it can be done remotely.

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When you sign up for our 90-day Practice Management Action Plan, you can rest assured knowing your practice will continue to thrive while working remotely.

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Over the next 90 days, we’ll guide your team through each step and train them to become more productive and organized.

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Our Program Experts

Laura Hatch Laura Hatch Front Office Rocks
Founder & Chief Vision Leader

Laura Hatch, the leading authority on virtual dental front office training, is the founder of Front Office Rocks — a web-based, on-demand front office training program for dental practices. In addition to that, she has built and managed two fee-for-service dental practices. Laura is committed to learning how to manage and empower team members, and was recognized as one of DPR’s Top 25 Women in Dentistry for 2016.

Dr. Tim McNamara Dr. Tim McNamara Dental Whale
Education Leader

A business savvy dentist, Dr. McNamara first started his career in the corporate business world. After 10 years of experience consulting fortune 50 companies on business strategy and risk, he decided to leave his profession to study and practice dentistry. Today, he owns many successful clinics and coaches dentists nationwide on business strategy and marketing.

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Front Office Rocks’ 90-day Practice Management Action Plan is the ultimate tool to set your practice up for success.

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