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An online training resource, developed by Laura Hatch, a Dental Office Manager, offers first-hand knowledge and expertise designed to help improve all the day-to-day operations and create the ultimate customer service culture within your practice.


Laura witnessed first-hand what was missing from the front office of dental practices – training. After twelve years as an office manager and two fee-for-service scratch dental practices, Laura sought to bring resources to dental practices like hers. 

Together with her best friend and Business Partner, Janelle Storck —

Front Office Rocks Was Born

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Laura Nelson (formerly Hatch), BS, MS, FAADOM

Laura Nelson (formerly Hatch), BS, MS, FAADOM

Chief Vision Officer

Laura Nelson has committed years of study to learning how to manage and empower team members and is the founder of Front Office Rocks, the leader in on-demand training for dental practices. Laura witnessed first-hand that continual training was missing in the dental practice and built Front Office Rocks to be a 24/7 virtual resource for dental practices and offers training for the entire team.
Laura has authored hundreds of articles for leading dental publications and has written her own book, “Step Away from the Drill”, that helps dentists discover their purpose and become true leaders of their practice. Laura is an international speaker, a member of many dental and national speaker associations and was recognized as one of Dental Product Report’s Top 25 Women in Dentistry.
With her interactive and innovative approach, Laura has mentored thousands of dentists and dental team members to achieve unprecedented results in growth, empowered dentists and office managers to excel at performance-based hiring and loves to share her best-known methods for achieving the ultimate level of customer service in your practice. Laura lives in Coronado, CA with her husband, Chris and enjoys traveling & exploring new destinations, biking and other fitness activities including Spartan races.

“It’s not just about your dentist’s capability and skill, it’s about people; relating to our patients as people first, great service, and promoting their health.” – Laura Nelson (formerly Hatch)

Janelle Storck, RDH

Janelle Storck, RDH

Chief Relationship Officer

Janelle Storck brings over 30 years of extensive dentistry knowledge and experience to the table. As a licensed dental hygienist, office manager, and as a consultant within a leading dental consulting company, she’s served in many roles and knows what it takes to make a successful practice perform at peak efficiency. From developing training course material to partnering with vendor solutions that increase revenue, and bringing Front Office Rocks Live Training Seminars on the road across the United States.

Janelle, alongside Laura, is pioneering within the dental industry to provide a front office training resource that’s both effective and practical, and easily accessible to every dental team member. 
She is the mother of 4 and lives in her home state of FL with her husband of 25 years. She enjoys spending time with her family boating, yoga, watching her kids multiple sporting activities and anytime she can get to the ocean. 

Our Team

Priscilla Derr - Digital Brand Director

Hello! I’m Priscilla, and I joined the team at Front Office Rocks in 2015. I lead the Web & Tech team and handle all things website, tech, and marketing related. I am a total people person and love using technology to connect with people and solve problems. I am an information junkie and constantly experimenting and learning from it. I like to travel to our seminars and workshops, but love getting back to my hometown in Maryland (#GoNavy) where my three kids keep me grounded. When I am not creating strategies with Front Office Rocks, you can find me on the field working pockets and wrangling coaches with my local nonprofit boys lacrosse program (or bringing home every stray and trying to start a farm in suburbia). My favorite quote is “When you change your expectations for appreciation, the world changes instantly”. #ProblemSolver

Nicole McKamie - Chief Development Officer

Hi. I’m Nicole. I joined Front Office Rocks in mid-2016 and haven’t looked back since! I have seen this team and company grow exponentially over the last few years and it has been fun to watch. I take so much enjoyment in my role in development at Front Office Rocks – development of programs, processes, content, departments, teams, people and even our members! It is my job to seek out ways to support every member of our team. I live in Austin, Texas and can’t think of anywhere in the world I would rather be!

Missy Pollard - Training Coach & Member Support Specialist

I’m Missy Pollard and I have been with Front Office Rocks since January of 2016. My current role here is Member Support Specialist, but I am expanding my role to Training Coach in order to bring our members a very special (and much needed!) program – Mastery Coaching: Advanced Phone Skills. I have a passion for helping offices find the best ways to communicate with their patients and help create an outstanding experience for each person who walks through the door. My background in the dental industry helps me work closely with doctors and their teams and help everyone get the most out of our foundation training programs and now our Mastery Coaching program. I enjoy reading, writing, baking, and listening to live music. I am a busy single mom with two young girls and we live in Baltimore, Maryland.

Lyndsey Wills - Member Support Specialist and Training Coach

I’m Lyndsey and I began my journey with Front Office Rocks in December 2018 as a Member Support Specialist. I recently relocated from sunny Florida, where I was born and raised, to New London, New Hampshire. I am a HUGE sports fan but my heart belongs to gymnastics and Gator football. I may live in New Hampshire now, but I will always be a Gator! I’m new to the team, but have already found a love for supporting our members and helping them reach their greatest potential in their office.

Leah Chandler - Sales Manager

I’m Leah and I joined Front Office Rocks in April 2018. Once I found out about Laura and the incredible supportive staff behind her vision, I could not wait to be a part of it and become a Member Support Specialist. I connect with our members, listen to what is keeping them from reaching their goals, identify the problem, and help offer solutions. I am happy to represent the great state of Texas. We own and live on a ranch in East Texas outside of Tyler. We specialize in attracting gophers and stray dogs. I love the Dallas Cowboys and documentaries. I look forward to hearing from you soon and helping you rock your front office goals!

Meagan Schlueter - Member Support Specialist

My name is Meagan and I have been with Front Office Rocks since March of 2019. I am part of the Member Relations Team. I live in a small town in Northwest Indiana with my college sweetheart, our son, & our two puppies! I love learning new things, reading a good book, and traveling. I’m excited to be a part of the Front Office Rocks team and to help you make your office the best that it can be!

Jennifer White - Systems Coordinator and Member Support Specialist

Hi! I am Jennifer White. I have been working with business owners for the past 10 years managing everything from marketing, practice management, operations, sales, and customer service. I have learned that you can use the latest technology and market your business in all the right places, but if your team does not understand the value of your client you put yourselves at a disadvantage to your competition. I believe that the most valuable resource to a company is their people. And there is nothing that I am more passionate about than helping business owners provide exceptional client care…well, unless you count my two sweet (yet also very spicy) children. I am pretty passionate about them, too!

Haley Feer - Member Support Specialist

My name is Haley and I began my journey with Front Office Rocks in January 2020. I lived in California for about 6 years where I graduated with a Health Communications degree at San Diego State, played soccer and met my husband. I have 6+ years of customer service background and am now a Member Support Specialist with Front Office Rocks. I love connecting with our members, finding out their needs and goals and helping them thrive. I now live in beautiful Washington state, where I was born and raised. Outside of work we love camping and hiking with our golden retriever, playing soccer and traveling to new places.

Guiliann Faver - Member Support Specialist Specialist

I’m Guiliann (pronounced Julie) and I joined the Front Office Rocks team in January 2020. My passion for dentistry began over 13 years ago. I have my Expanded Functions Certificate in Dental Assisting and my Certificate of Orthodontic Expanded Functions. I have also spent time up front as a scheduling coordinator. My favorite part of my work here at Front Office Rocks is connecting with our members and supporting them through their training journey. Knowledge is such a powerful tool and I love that we are able to provide that to everyone using our program. I recently moved to northern Idaho, from central Florida, with my husband and two children. We are absolutely loving the change in scenery. We spend much of our time doing all outdoor activities, adventuring in the mountains, and road trips to new destinations we have not seen.

Our History

We opened our first practice in January 2003 outside of Baltimore, MD. With some more advanced training from a great dental training company, we took our practice from $0 with 0 patients in 2003 to about $120K a month in collections in 2007.

In January 2007, we took our entire staff to Carlsbad, CA (north of San Diego) for hygiene training and fell in love with Southern California. We sold our house and our practice and moved across country with our two young kids. For about a year, I worked in another dental office and quickly realized that without good management, working in an office is not fun. My husband and I opened our second scratch practice in June 2008, in San Diego.

31-family-main_About Us - Front Office Rocks

My point in sharing all of this is that I have had experience as an observer of dental offices, an employee in other offices, and finally as a manager for my husband’s practices. (I use the phrase “my husband’s practices” because I believe these are (or were) his practices, 100%. He’s the one that went to dental school for four years and he is the owner of our current practice. I am his Office Manager and as such, view my role as helping him reach his goals as the owner. It is not my practice! I do, however, understand the importance of the Office Manager’s role in kicking her doctor in the butt every so often! And you’ll see that theme time and again in my training and website.)

The first time we opened a scratch practice was in 2003, in Maryland, when the economy was stronger and selling patients on treatments was much easier. We opened our second scratch practice in 2008—right after the recession. And we are only 20 minutes from Mexico, where patients can go to get much cheaper treatment. So we have had our share of challenges getting a new practice to succeed, just like many of you.

Several years on, I’m happy to report that we are generating over $200K a month in collections as a fee-for-service office, with an average of 60–100 new patients a month. I run a staff of over 15, which includes three doctors, four RDHs, three dental assistants, and four employees at the front desk. I am in the office 3–4 days a week as the Office Manager.

I have heard so many times, “Yeah that all sounds good. If only I had an office manager like you.” With the resources I have created at Front Office Rocks, you can have an office manager like that train your team in your office virtually, on your time, anytime.

Our mission, vision and values

As the leading authority on virtual dental front office training, Laura helps dental professionals who want to be better at what they do gain the training they need through online video courses, live seminars, and coaching.

Your Practice Matters To Us

Successful online dental team training requires communication, planning, and starting off on the right foot. So we’ve created a “Getting Started Checklist” designed to help you and your team implement training.

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Every office is unique as well as every team member in a dental practice. We’ve created these focused courses for you, the Dental Professional! No contracts or subscriptions.


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As the leading authority on virtual dental front office training, Laura helps dental professionals who want to be better at what they do gain the training they need through online video courses, live seminars, and coaching. Learn more about Laura’s approach and how to book her for your next event.

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