Want More Production, Collections, and New Patients? Answer Your Phone!

I don’t know many office managers or dentists who would answer no to the question, “Do you want more new patients, higher production, and better collections?” Who wouldn’t? Even if your office is already doing well in one of those areas, I can guarantee you’re struggling with one or two of them—most dental offices do. […]

Excellent Front Office Systems an Interview with Laura Hatch

Gary Takacs and The Thriving Dentist Podcast Show   Systems are SO very important in a Thriving practice! In this Show Gary interview his friend Laura Hatch on Front Office Systems that are necessary for your practice to achieve full potential. In this interview, Gary and Laura discuss – the most important systems to have […]

Having a Hard Time Implementing Change in Your Dental Practice?

Doctors and office managers often ask me how they make changes happen in their office. They tell me stories about all the things they’ve done to motivate their teams, and efforts they’ve made to push positive change in the office, only to hear grumbling from the staff. It’s frustrating and they seek help and figure […]

Insurance Outsourcing: Is it right for your dental office?

We get a lot of questions about insurance outsourcing. Insurance is one of the biggest headaches in the office and can be the cause of much stress and anxiety for the front office team. There are several companies that offer insurance outsourcing, and my office started working with eAssist over a year ago. It has […]

Does Your Dental Office Manager Job Feel More Like a Bad Marriage?

Dental office managers play extremely important roles in the success of the practice. But if your relationship feels like a bad marriage, it’s time to arrange a meeting with the dentist to get both of you on the same page. Being a dental office manager can be extremely rewarding. If it wasn’t, you wouldn’t see […]

5 Ways to Make Hiring (Almost) Painless

Firing and hiring is probably the least favorite part of the job for most dentists and office managers. In fact, some dentists dread this process so much they hold onto employees too long to avoid firing someone. Not only is it unpleasant to have to fire an employee, it also triggers the dreaded hiring process. […]

What Do You Need to Know About Ordering Dental Supplies?

Given that I’ve been an office manager for over 10 years, you would think I would have everything in my dental office running perfectly or at the very least know everything that is going on in every department. However, as an office manager, I am more of a “jack of all trades, master of none,” […]

You Can Fix Your Dental Schedule in One Day by Taking Three Simple Steps

It’s the one thing we can all agree on: when we walk in the office in the morning and look at the schedule, there is zero possibility the day will run as planned. How often does the schedule ever run the way it looked in the morning? Various issues come up – patients run behind, […]

5 Things Every Practice Should Do Each Day to Build an Effective Schedule

The schedule is the most powerful element in running a dental office. It can make our teams work well together, hit goals, and end the day on a high note. However, it can be the reason everything comes apart at the seams: the team can’t stand each other, the doctor has no money to pay […]

It’s Time to Clean the Old Accounts in Your Dental Practice

What are your dental practice’s guidelines for accounts receivables (AR)? Do those guidelines make sure your practice collects what you’re owed? This front office manager shares her expertise for getting AR up to speed. As office manager, you’re responsible for verifying that your office collects from both insurance companies and patients, and is paid for […]

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