You Can Fix Your Dental Schedule in One Day by Taking Three Simple Steps

It’s the one thing we can all agree on: when we walk in the office in the morning and look at the schedule, there is zero possibility the day will run as planned. How often does the schedule ever run the way it looked in the morning? Various issues come up – patients run behind, […]

5 Things Every Practice Should Do Each Day to Build an Effective Schedule

The schedule is the most powerful element in running a dental office. It can make our teams work well together, hit goals, and end the day on a high note. However, it can be the reason everything comes apart at the seams: the team can’t stand each other, the doctor has no money to pay […]

It’s Time to Clean the Old Accounts in Your Dental Practice

What are your dental practice’s guidelines for accounts receivables (AR)? Do those guidelines make sure your practice collects what you’re owed? This front office manager shares her expertise for getting AR up to speed. As office manager, you’re responsible for verifying that your office collects from both insurance companies and patients, and is paid for […]

When Do You Talk to Patients About Outstanding Balances?

Originally posted on Please visit their site to login and view the original article.   If you read patient complaints on the internet about dental offices, the thing they are most upset about typically has something to do with money, insurance, or financial situations. The way this process works is we estimate what the […]

How Long Should You Keep Trying to Reactivate Patients?

I’m asked this question a lot by the dental office managers and owners that I meet and my answer may surprise you. First, let me emphasize how important it is to make sure that all your patients leave your office with their next appointment scheduled. This is more than a preference—it should be your office […]

Negative Reviews: 6 Suggestions from an Office Manager on How to Handle Them

Let me begin by saying I am not an online or marketing guru. I know many amazing marketing professionals in our industry that I would happily recommend when it comes to the latest and the greatest about managing your online reputation and how to handle negative reviews. However, I can tell you that I am […]

34 Ways To Increase Your Patient Retention – The Ultimate Guide

This article was originally posted on  We have shared it here for our visitors and clients as a resource for their own patient retention issues and questions.  You can read the first 15 ways to increase patient attention here, but please visit to read the rest of the article! Improve Your Office 1. Make […]

Why It’s Important to Make Time to Train

As dental professionals, we often sacrifice our own professional growth to meet the daily demands. Don’t let your practice or your staff take a backseat to training. Here’s why you should make time for training. If you’re like most professionals, sometimes you find yourself juggling an overwhelming number of responsibilities and tasks. As dental professionals, […]

Teaching Dental Office Staff How to Prioritize

At a recent speaking event, a new dental office staff member asked me something I’d never been asked before. The question threw me off because it wasn’t easy to answer, and there was no obvious answer. When I went back to my office on Monday, and since I have new employees on my team right […]

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