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Laura Nelson, BS, MS, FAADOM

Laura has committed years of study to learning how to manage and empower team members and is the founder of Front Office Rocks, the leader in on-demand training for dental practices. Laura witnessed first-hand that continual training was missing in the dental practice and built Front Office Rocks to be a 24/7 virtual resource for dental practices.

With her interactive and innovative approach, Laura has mentored thousands of dentists and dental team members to achieve unprecedented results in growth. She has empowered dentists and office managers to excel at performance-based hiring and loves to share her best-known methods for achieving the ultimate level of customer service in your practice. Laura lives in Coronado, CA with her husband, Chris, and enjoys traveling & exploring new destinations, biking and other fitness activities including Spartan races.

“It’s not just about your dentist’s capability and skill, it’s about people; relating to our patients as people first, great service, and promoting their health.” – Laura Nelson



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Handling Dental Staff Issues Before They Get Out of Hand

Not all dental team members are always going to get along or see eye-to-eye. But the important thing is to keep the peace on the team and to nip team members' disagreements in the bud before they get out of hand. Nothing should stand in the way of excellent dental...

How Long Should You Keep Trying to Reactivate Patients?

I’m asked this question a lot by the dental office managers and owners that I meet... and my answer may surprise you. First of all, let me emphasize how important it is to make sure that all your patients leave your office with their next appointment scheduled. This...

Is Your Answering Machine Message Keeping New Dental Patients Away?

Like most dentists and dental teams, you understand the importance of bringing in new patients, and you know why the phones are the most vital connection to acquiring those new patients. That’s why my Front Office Rocks training offers so much concrete information on...

Put Yourself in Their (Your Dental Patients’) Shoes

Okay, humor me for just a moment. Right now, let’s forget about running a dental office. Instead, imagine yourself in any of the scenarios described here. Scenario 1 You walk into a medical office. As you’re standing at the front desk, you can clearly see two...

Turning a Compliment into a Referral or a Review

If your office is offering the best dental care and amazing customer service, then you are hearing compliments from your patients each and every day. The question is, are you making the most of those compliments? Many times, offices miss the opportunity to turn a...

3 Reasons New Employees Shouldn’t Answer the Phones

While it may seem like the logical place to start a new employee, answering the phone might be one of the tasks that requires the most training. It is typical in a dental office that when we hire a new employee at the front desk, they start by answering the phones for...