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Question: Can you help me maximize our hygiene schedule to meet our goals?

Hi Laura, I am new to office administration and trying to figure out how to maximize our hygiene schedule to meet our goals. Is there a way to assign colors per dollar value with high, medium, low, possibly to aid in scheduling? How do you recommend making sure the hygiene goal is met per day? Hygienists do most of the scheduling in their rooms. They are putting in treatment for next visit before they leave now so we know what the value of that appointment will be. I would appreciate any input you could help me with.

ANSWER: Thank you for reaching out to me about this, I am glad to hear that you are thinking in terms of production with your schedule, which is better than most offices. I have to be honest though, I don’t necessarily think that is something I would recommend for hygiene. The reason that I don’t think that it is necessary for hygiene is that their dollar value amount really does not have too big of a range. The difference between a prophy and a perio appointment is really only a few hundred dollars, versus a low to high dollar appointment for the doctor. Putting a prophy with exam and fmx won’t make or break the office production versus just a prophy and exam. Therefore, I don’t suggest worrying too much about production for hygiene.

I would say however, that hygiene has two other factors that are more important for me, which is variety of appointments per day per hygienist and no downtime. Members only resources

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