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Question: Do you have recommendations for tracking dental savings plans and in-house financing arrangements?

We do a lot of financing in our office since most of our patients are uninsured. This includes CareCredit and in-house financing (tracked through Comprehensive Dental Finance). We also offer an in-house Dental Savers Plan for our uninsured patients. As a result, we have found this complicates each patient’s, account and it is not always straightforward figuring out balances owed. We are trying to streamline the post-treatment-plan acceptance phase where we enter and track the data about each individual’s balance and where it comes from so figuring out the amount owed before the patient arrives isn’t a project in forensic accounting. Do you have any recommendations for how to track these financial arrangements and monitor them on an ongoing basis? Our goal is that everyone at the front desk should be able to determine the amount owed for any given patient on the schedule after a minute or two of research max.

ANSWER:  That is a very hard question to answer because there are so many moving parts involved in the case acceptance process and the collecting of the balance… I have a few videos on this subject on the site which you definitely want to make sure your team watches, but also you might want to watch.

I am going to list out a few things that come to mind that I think are important to help you achieve what you are looking for:Members only resources

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