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Question: Help! My staff is defensive whenever I suggest trying something new...

My staff is defensive whenever I suggest trying something new/something else and they’re very hesitant to change. It’s not personal, I just want to see if we can do it better.

ANSWER:There’s a correct way to implement change and it should be a positive experience. Sit down with your team and discuss why you’d like to make this change and what your plan is, then open the discussion up to getting the team’s feedback. Including the team’s perspective helps them to feel important and empowered at your dental practice.Members only resources

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To learn more about how to better manage your staff and dental team, watch this training webinar and following course module!
Module 2 Staff Management
Welcome to Staff Management. Staff Management is the second video series in the Office Manager course and in this series we demonstrate how to manage your staff in various situations. As the Office Manager, you will be expected to address a multitude of issues ranging from counseling an employee to managing overdue recare and outstanding treatment calls. In addition, you are expected to set the tone for the office and ensuring your staff is well trained. In this video series, we provide a detailed overview on each of these topics and a few others to help you create a productive and positive atmosphere in the office. Front Office Rocks recommends that you begin this series by completing Outline for Staff Meetings, The Importance of Staff Training, and Training Employees fist. Next, complete Counseling an Employee, Setting the Tone for the Office, and Staff Issues which will prepare you to deal directly with employee issues, as they arise. Finally, view Managing Overdue Recare & Outstanding Treatment Calls to complete your Staff Management training.
Unit 1 Outline For Staff Meeting (14:04)
Unit 2 The Importance of Staff Training (2:24)
Unit 3 Training Employees (7:41)
Unit 4 Counseling an Employee (7:22)
Unit 5 Setting the Tone for the Office (7:15)
Unit 6 Staff Issues (8:49)
Unit 7 Managing Overdue Recare & Outstanding Treatment Plan Calls (5:46)