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Question: How can I implement change without rocking the boat?

QUESTION: I bought a practice with existing staff….how can I change things or start implementing new things without rocking the boat or making the existing team feel threatened?

ANSWER: We answered a similar question a few weeks ago and you can read it here. Change can make employees feel uncomfortable because it’s unknown and different. If they’ve always done it this way, you’re asking them to change a habit. When I ask why they do what they do, I hear the same answer from each and every employee: “Because that’s the way we have always done it.” The employees have no idea why they are doing these extra tasks or answering the phones the way they do. They just keep on doing it that way because it’s how they were originally trained, and they never stop to think, “Why do we do this? Is this necessary? Is there a more efficient way?”

I suggest taking a moment to review all the systems you have in place, and decide if they are necessary and producing the intended results. Analyze if there might be a better way or a more efficient way.Members only resources

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To learn more about implementing change within your dental team and managing a dental practice, watch this training webinar and following course module!

Module 5 Team Building
Welcome to Team Building. Team Building is the fifth and final video series in the Office Manager course and in this series we look at developing an optimistic workplace through team building and managing in office gossip. It is important that the office atmosphere is productive and conducive to creating a positive experience for your patients. In this video series, we discuss how to team build, give examples of events, bonuses and games and teach you how to manage change and gossip in your office. Front Office Rocks recommends that you begin this series by completing Charity Events, Team Building Incentives, and Bonuses and Games first to become acquainted with various types of team building activities, office games, and incentives. Then, complete Implementing Change and Handling Gossip in the Office to look closer at how change and gossip impact the office and how to manage both in a positive way.
Unit 1 Charity Events (4:04)
Unit 2 Team Building Incentives (2:52)
Unit 3 Bonuses and Games (6:25)
Unit 4 Implementing Change (6:49)
Unit 5 Handling Gossip in the Office (7:37)