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Question: How can our office minimize cancellations or last minute no-shows?

ANSWER: There are three types of cancellations: new patient, hygiene and doctor production, each with their own issues. To minimize new patient cancellation, slow down, build rapport with the new patient, handle all their questions, and get them scheduled to come in within 48-72 hours.Members only resources
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To learn more about minimizing cancellations and no shows in your dental practice, watch these training videos!

[Webinar Replay] 10 Ways to Decrease Last Minute Cancellations and No Shows

Module 3 How to Handle Cancellations
Welcome to How to Handle Cancellations. This is the third of six courses in your Scheduling training videos. Now that you have a better understanding of scheduling and how to get patients to schedule, you can move on to cancellations. Cancellations and no-shows are inevitable in dental offices and here we will address how you can handle cancellations while maintaining control over the schedule. This video series will look closely at the ways patients cancel and the steps you can take to maintain a full schedule in spite of cancellations. Front Office Rocks recommends that you complete How to Handle Cancellations, Cancellation Phone Calls, and Using Confirmation Calls to Fill the Schedule first. Then, follow with Steps to Fill Last Minute Cancellations and Last Minute Hygiene Cancellations and No-Shows to learn the specific actions you can take when you receive last minute cancellations. Finally, finish the series with Dealing with Cancellations for general tips and suggestions to manage all cancellations in your office.
Unit 1 How to Handle Cancellations (10:21)
Unit 2 Cancellation Phone Calls (5:27)
Unit 3 Using Confirmation Calls to try to Fill Schedule (5:09)
Unit 4 Steps to Fill a Last Minute Cancellation (8:28)
Unit 5 Last Minute Hygiene Cancellations and No Shows (7:22)
Unit 6 Dealing With Cancellations (8:38)