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Question: How do I get more patients to accept my treatment plans?

ANSWER: There are three things that I suggest when working to help patients accept the treatment plans, Clear, Confident and Caring. First, don’t present too many options to the patients because a confused mind won’t buy. Present to the patient the best option and let them know why you are treatment planning that for them. Members only resources
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For more training on case acceptance watch these videos

Module 4 Patient Acceptance
Welcome to Patient Acceptance. This series looks at the needs of your patients and how to ascertain their acceptance of the prescribed treatment plan. Before a patient accepts treatment, they must first understand the treatment plan and how that treatment impacts their overall health. This video series takes a closer look at how you can help patients understand their planned treatment; ensure they accept treatment and how to provide follow up care through post op phone calls. Front Office Rocks recommends that you complete Patients Need to Understand Their Treatment Plan and Why Front Desk Consults Don’t Work first. Then, finish the series with Case Acceptance Interview with Doctors and Post Op Calls to build on your understanding of the importance of patient acceptance of treatment, case acceptance from the doctor’s perspective and how to make post-op calls after treatment is complete.
Unit 1 Patients Need to Understand Their Treatment Plan (8:01)
Unit 2 Why Front Desk Consults Don't Work (8:01)
Unit 3 Case Acceptance Interview with Doctors (8:31)
Unit 4 Post OP Calls (3:17)