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Question: How do you deal with patients who are requesting a specific hygienist?

QUESTION: How do you deal with patients who are requesting a specific hygienist. We just had a patient cancel 5 min prior to their appointment because they were not seeing the hygienist they wanted to see. However, when a schedule falls apart we consolidate the hygiene schedule to one hygienist. Ideally, I want very few of these preferred hygienist patients but I don’t know how to control that.

ANSWER: For practices that have more than one provider seeing patients, ie… multiple hygienists or doctors, the best-case scenario for the office, is to be able to move the patients around as needed according to what works best for the schedule. However, there are some patients who only want to see a certain provider and of course, the office should honor that. Here are some suggestions on how to manage this issue.

1) Make sure the team is being very clear not to communicate to the patient that they will see a certain provider or offer the option to only see one provider. This is especially important from the clinical team, as they like to have the guarantee that a patient only wants to see them, however, it makes it very hard when that provider does not have availability or is not working. Members only resources

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