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Question: How do you gently let a patient know that you cannot adjust what the insurance doesn't pay for (especially since it is insurance fraud)?

ANSWER: The best policy is honesty so telling the patient that you cannot adjust anything as it is insurance fraud is the best answer. There is no reason to make up an elaborate answer to this question.Members only resources

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To learn how to better handle dental insurance discussions in your dental practice, watch these training videos!

Module 5 Insurance Discussion
This series delves into the insurance questions you will face on a day to day basis and how to handle the subsequent insurance discussion with your patient. Before a patient accepts treatment, they will typically defer to “only what insurance covers” and this becomes a barrier to scheduling treatment. The videos in this series work through several insurance issues and questions one by one, including calculating benefits, handling “insurance focused” patients, and looking ahead to prepare for insurance questions and issues. Front Office Rocks recommends that you complete Calculating Dental Insurance Benefits, I am Only Doing What the Insurance Covers and How to Handle the “Insurance Focused” Patient first to learn how to handle the most frequent insurance/patient topics in the office. Then, complete the series with Looking Ahead to Avoid Insurance Issues and Communicating with Patients About Insurance and Financial Obligations to gain insight into proper insurance preparation and communication about insurance with patients.
Unit 1 Calculating Dental Insurance Benefits (8:40)
Unit 2 I Am Only Doing What The Insurance Covers (7:44)
Unit 3 How to Handle The "Insurance Focused" Patient (7:19)
Unit 4 Looking Ahead to Avoid Insurance Issues (11:29)
Unit 5 Communicating with Patients about Insurance and Financial Obligations (12:25)