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Question: I have a question regarding being the leader.

QUESTION: I have a question regarding being the leader. You gave an example of washing the dishes if you see there are dishes in the sink. What if you are continually washing the dishes and no one takes the initiative to do the task and it’s a given that “oh you’ll do it. How do you handle that?

ANSWER: In one of my training videos here on Front Office Rocks I talk about being a leader in the organization and that you don’t have to have a title after your name to be a leader. You don’t have to be the office manager or the lead assistant or the doctor, that everybody should be a leader in their own way and part of being a leader is doing the right thing and leading by example. Members only resources

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To learn more about leadership and your dental team visit the following course module!

Module 4 Team: High-Level Leadership Communications
Because we don’t work in our own personal bubbles, it is imperative that we all learn effective communication skills. This is a two-fold process, which involves learning how to reflect on our own behavior and take ownership of our responsibilities, as well as utilizing a framework to keep conversations constructive, on-track, and provides the greatest possibility for resolve. In this video, Laura and guest speaker Katherine Eitel-Belt share insights into having courageous conversations by utilizing frameworks to help stay focused and open to feedback.
Unit 1 Team: High-Level Leadership Communications (56:44)