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Question: We recently hired a front office employee to replace a leaving employee who then stayed, what should I do?

We recently hired a new non-dental front desk employee who we LOVE and are excited about. She was hired to replace an employee who said she was going to be leaving – did not put in notice – then decided to stay. This employee is here for the paycheck and the doctor is concerned about paying unemployment and patients leaving (small town).

ANSWER:  Here are my suggestions to help in this situation:

  1. Make sure to speak with your HR department or service provider regarding the ins and outs of unemployment before taking any further actions. If there is a solid file with write ups, warnings and consequences, there may be a chance to win any claims and not have to pay a thing. If the situation is well managed, documented and handled with the help and advice of your HR team, there may be an opportunity to use performance management to help clear up the situation.
  2. I have also attached the link to an article that I wrote for The Profitable Dentist on this very subject for you to review.Members only resources
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