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Question: We want to offer something to parents/kids for referring friends to our office. Any great ideas you can share?

QUESTION: You give great advice to general dentist offices, but I am in a pediatric dental office and have a marketing question. I watched the videos on referrals and offering teeth whitening as a good incentive for referring patients. What do you suggest we offer to parents/kids for referring friends to our office? We don’t have teeth whitening and 99% of our patients are insurance patients. I would like to offer a great incentive! How do you feel about movie tickets? I want to make sure it is enough to make them ACT.

Would you recommend gift cards, movie tickets or something along those lines? Or would you try to keep it more geared towards pediatrics? Spin brushes, water piks, fluoride tx or something like that?

ANSWER: I will start by saying that since I have never worked in a pediatric office, I am not going to claim that I am an expert in this area, however, I do have some thoughts. What I am about to say on this subject pertains to all offices that are running some sort of a patient incentive program. I suggest that whenever you have a contest or giveaway for patients that you have prizes that are fun and not dental.

I have two reasons for this approach:

1) I think it is more exciting for the patient to win or receive something fun, like a Starbucks gift card or movie tickets. As much as we think spin brushes and dental supplies are fun, the average person does not. Members only resources

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To learn more about asking your dental patients for referrals, watch this training webinar and following course module!

Module 5 Referrals & Reviews

Word-of-mouth marketing has stood the test of time, but it has a new home. Well...more like a second home. Personal recommendations from your customers can now exist in-person or online...but are you asking for them? Many customers won’t refer you or leave a review unless prompted. In this video, you’ll learn the importance of referrals and reviews, and how you can go about getting more of them! We’ll teach you everything you need to know to get people talking—in a good way. Download full course materials at

Unit 1 Referrals & Reviews Overview (1:56)
Unit 2 Getting More Referrals (14:41)
Unit 3 Getting More Reviews (15:51)