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Question: What is your opinion regarding automated appointment reminder systems?

I was watching the confirmation call video and you mention RevenueWell, which we also use. My question to you, what is your general opinion regarding automated appointment reminder systems? Is there a danger of relying on these too much? In other words, have these systems replaced phone calls and is there a danger that some offices may rely on them too much?


Thank you for your questions – I have to tell you that I am so happy that you are watching the videos and learning, I wish more of my doctors were like you.

The first thing to address in answering your questions is the purpose behind a confirmation call, text or email. The purpose is not to “get the patients butt in the chair” (sorry if that is too blunt, but it is true). The main reason for this sort of connection with the patient is to get them to actually arrive to their appointment.Members only resources

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