New Patient Accelerator 

The Online Coaching Workshop for Dental Teams Delivered Live

Growth requires a constant flow of new patients and retaining the patients you have. If you want results, this program is what you need.

Kickoff Workshop July 31st. 9am EST
8 Weeks of Live Coach-Led Action Focused Calls 

6 Hour Live Workshop

Breakout Discussion Sessions

Customized Pre-Work

Coach Led Group Coaching

We’re With You Every Step of The Way

We kick off our program with a 6 hour live streamed workshop on July 31st to jump start your practice growth. Then for 8  weeks we cover ONE big action step that you can execute THAT week in your business.

Training for Your ENTIRE Team for $999 


We want to impact and improve your practice from day one, so we’ve assigned a bit of prep-work for you to bring to the workshop. 

Check In

When you register, our coaches will meet with you live over zoom to make sure you are all set up with technology so you can make the most out of this workshop. 

Breakout Sessions

Some of the best take-away tips come from a breakout session. After teaching a concept, we’ll break out the workshop in to small micro groups on zoom so you can discuss and get clarity. 

Weekly Accountability

Post event, we’re going to invite you and your entire team into our accountability group with our coaches. Why? Because we want to make sure everything you learned doesn’t sit on a shelf collecting dust. 

Group Coaching

When implemented correctly, this training is going to improve your metrics and our coaches want to make sure you succeed and do not get stuck. 

Yes! I want in! 

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What’s Included:

Phone Training

Understand the phone is THE lifeline to your practice.

Communication Methods

Understand active listening and learn how to effectively improve communication. 

Team Culture

This workshop works best when your ENTIRE team is involved and they’re included in the price. 

Patient Centric Practice

Setting the tone of your practice so patients come first. 

6 CE Hours

When you attend our live workshop, you and your team will earn 6CE credits.

Define your WHY

The WHY behind your action matters and helps teams understand the importance of their daily duties. 

Purpose Driven Action

Higher producing teams aren’t just busy, they’re productive with intent. 

Analyze the Business Cycle

Understand the business cycle and learn how you can HELP your patients and your practice. 

Convert Marketing Leads

If the phones are ringing, marketing is working but we’ll show you how to maximze those dollars and get #buttsinthechair

Social Proof

Want to stand out in a crowd? Your reviews and testimonials matter and we’ll show you how to get them. 

9 Weeks of Training

$999 For your Entire Team!

 Kickoff Workshop July 31st
Workshop Check-In 9:30am EST / 6:30am PST
Kickoff starts 10am EST Sharp!

Have questions? 

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Meet Your Coaches 

Missy Pollard

Missy Pollard

Advance Phone Mastery Coach

I have a passion for helping offices find the best ways to communicate with their patients and help create an outstanding experience for each person who walks through the door. My background in the dental industry helps me work closely with doctors and their teams and help everyone get the most out of our foundation training programs and now our Mastery Coaching program.

Laura Hatch

Laura Hatch

Founder of Front Office Rocks

Laura Hatch is known internationally as the Leader in Dental Front Office Solutions and Training and the founder of Front Office Rocks. Laura is a best-selling author of her book “Step Away from the Drill” and a member of the National Speaker’s Association, the Speaking Consulting Network, the Academy of Dental Management Consultants and a Fellow of the American Association of Dental Office Managers. 

Lyndsey Wills

Lyndsey Wills

Onboarding Experience Coach

As a veteran office manager for 10 years for a busy multi-dentist practice, Lyndsey knows first hand the pain points of managing a successful team and dental practice. Lyndsey is also our newest coach and excels in scheduling for production and the communication skills need to keep a schedule full. 


A coaching program that gets results
Live workshop with 6 CE credits. 
A team of coaches
Exclusive training not found anywhere else!
2 months of weekly group coaching
1 personal coaching session
4 Replay Videos 

Plus More

A private group to network
6-Week Implementation Workbook 



To discuss payment options and plan that fits your needs – book a call or send us an email

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What Our Members are Saying

Absolutely fantastic!! Today I attended the Charlotte, NC Front Office Rocks training taught by Laura. I walked away with SO much! Hands down we will continue to use Front Office Rocks in our dental practice. It was also really good to have a training session dedicated solely for the front desk. So rare do we have classes and training built around the front desk position that truly understands our role and needs!

Julie Foster Morton, Bradford Dentistry

This is very informative online training for not only front office team members but also for clinical staff. It is very nice to have this training available to guide new front office employees.

Ashlee Hanson

We’ve been a Front Office Rocks customer for several years. Laura’s content has remained our go to training material…
Dr. James Maxwell

Laura and her team are amazing!! A LOT of great information and resources! Currently taking the courses and can’t believe how much knowledge I am gaining! Well worth it!!

Motofamily Dentistry

Front Office Rocks really does ROCK! Laura, Missy, and Lyndsey are great. Such a wonderful resource for all things front desk. I highly recommend Front Office Rocks!

K Sullivan

I can not say enough about how valuable Front Office Rocks is to me! I have a passion for dentistry and for continually striving to push not only myself but my team to be the best we can be. Laura has developed a business system and program like no other in the industry! …The team feels empowered with the knowledge to be the best they can be and know that they are contributing to the success of the office. Want to be a professional office with a highly trained TEAM, FRONT OFFICE ROCKS AND PHONE TRAINING MASTERY IS A MUST! Do you want a team whose culture is defined by default or one that is created by design? You choose! If you want the latter, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Front Office Rocks… I am a member of Front Office Rocks, for life! Thanks Laura and Missy!
Daniel V. Balderrama, D.D.S.

One Day or Day One – You Decide 

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