Boost Case Acceptance

Ever had a patient walk out of your office who you were sure would appoint but didn’t? It’s almost a daily occurrence in most dental offices, right? Why is that?

Case acceptance or lack thereof is a reflection of the processes used in a dental office and the skill of the employees who implement those processes. Does the patient understand what he needs? Did your staff determine how he’s going to pay for the treatment, get him scheduled, and most importantly, get him to show up? If not, your office may not have best practices in place: a consistent series of steps for employees to follow that result in case acceptance.

As an Office Manager, I understand how essential it is to have an established protocol for case acceptance. I have spent a very long time perfecting the Front Office Rocks protocol and have trained hundreds of other offices on how to implement it for increased case acceptance. The reason teams are not always the best at getting patients to accept treatment is—surprise!— they were never properly trained. We understand! And we have just the videos to help.

Although dentists often view training as a necessary expense, it’s actually an investment, one with tangible returns. Your office and your patients will see the difference right away. I have developed this training to be fun, interactive and pragmatic. I work in a dental office each and every day! My goal is to give your team the tools they need to be better in their jobs, get patients to accept the dentistry they need, and help your office grow.