Financial Coordinator

The Financial Coordinator serves a vital role on the front office team as this position ensures that the office is paid. Part of your job is to work directly with insurance companies and knowing how to work with them, get the best estimates possible and following up to make sure the office receives payment can be a complex process. The financial aspect of a practice not only includes interaction with insurance companies, but the patients themselves. It is your job to communicate with the patient regarding their account, insurance benefits and balances; however, most importantly expressing the patient’s financial obligation to the practice for the treatment they have received. A well-managed patient account is paid on time and in full. As you will see in this course, a significant part of the Financial Coordinator’s job is to help the patient fully understand their insurance benefits and that the office will work with them to maximize those benefits, but that the ultimate goal is to get them and keep them healthy; not to focus on insurance.

While watching the videos in this series, you will learn about various insurance options, coding, billing insurance, estimating insurance, dealing with insurance companies to make sure the offices gets paid and then finally handling discussions with patients after their insurance pays. The most successful Financial Coordinators have outstanding communication skills, are extensively trained in their role as well as others in the office and maintain a positive attitude.

Cross and continuous training is a useful tool that benefits the entire team. There are other positions in the office that address insurance and financial transactions and you will find additional videos available for viewing in the Treatment Coordinator course. Please visit the Insurance Discussion and Discussing Money series to continue your training in this area.

Front Office Rocks recommends that you begin your online dental office Financial Coordinator training with Understanding Insurance. In this course, you focus on understanding your role; your duties, and are introduced to insurance itself; dental codes, terms, benefits and claims. Next, in Dealing with Insurance, Patient Accounts, Billing Insurance, and Billing Patients you will focus on how insurance is managed, accounted for and billed. Finally, we will look at Outstanding Insurance and how you play an important role in managing it with thorough follow up and articulate note taking.

Each course contains three to six focused videos to complement your online dental front office training, followed by a ten question quiz to test your knowledge.

In your role, you will handle a variety of Financial Coordinator activities and patients throughout the day, every day. Front office on-demand videos prepare you to handle each patient and every situation with confidence and ease.