Office Manager

The highest position on the dental front office team is the Office Manager. In this role, you are an extension of the doctor(s) and you will oversee the patient flow and daily operations of the practice. This position represents the views of the dentist and manages the dentist’s expectations on a daily basis. The Office Manager is expected to handle any and all issues that arise, jump in whenever and wherever needed and maintain a productive and effective staff. This job is challenging but is often the most rewarding job of all. Your priority is to ensure that the front office staff is respected and well trained, your patients are treated with the utmost care and your actions and direction align with your practice leader. To solidify these priorities, we recommend that you watch the videos available in other Front Office Rocks courses with your staff, so you can work with them to improve in their areas of training. If you are new to managing an office or it has been some time since you have performed the duties of those you will manage, now would be a great time to revisit the past roles by taking some time to view the Receptionist, Scheduling, Treatment Coordinator and Financial Coordinator videos available on this site.

The videos in this course will identify people in your office that rely on you and your ability to create a cohesive and well-trained office staff. While watching the videos in this series, you will learn about your various job duties, how to manage the staff, while managing the doctor’s expectations and the importance of patient control and team building. The most successful Office Managers have exceptional management and communication skills while prioritizing the needs of the practice, staff, and patients.

Front Office Rocks recommends that you begin your online dental office Office Manager training with Manager Job Duties. In this course, you build a foundation to understand your role; your purpose and how to hire staff. Next, in Staff Management, Doctor Expectations, and Patient Control you will focus on three parts of the office: the staff, the doctor, and the patient. Next, we will address Team Building in your office and how to make each day the best it can be through incentivizing your team. At the end of the series, you will find Office Manager Resources, a list of valuable tips, testimonials and software suggestions for use in your office.

Each course contains five to seven focused videos to complement your online dental front office training, followed by a quiz to test your knowledge.

In your role, you will handle a variety of Office Manager activities and patients throughout the day, every day. Front office on-demand videos prepare you to handle each patient and every situation with confidence and ease.