As you increase responsibility in the dental office, the next step that most employees take is Scheduling. Most offices have a tight appointment schedule and knowing how to schedule efficiently and effectively is of the utmost importance to the entire dental team. The team relies on a full and accurate schedule every day. Dental office scheduling includes more than understanding how to schedule a patient. A deeper understanding of scheduling includes its various components, such as how to get patients to schedule and actually show up for their appointments, handling cancellations and managing both the doctor and hygiene schedules.

During this series in your front office virtual training, we will look at the many facets of scheduling, while addressing how successful scheduling helps your office meet their daily production goals and ultimately grow the practice.

Cross and continuous training is a useful tool that benefits the entire team. In Scheduling, there are many opportunities to learn outside of your existing role. The other positions in the office handle a variety of tasks and we recommend you become familiar with what the rest of the team does. Please visit the Receptionist, Treatment Coordinator, and Financial Coordinator courses to learn more about these important functions in your office.

Front Office Rocks recommends that you begin your dental scheduling training with Understanding Scheduling. In this course, you learn the foundation of scheduling; block scheduling, office policies and goal setting. Next, in How to Get Patients to Schedule, How to Handle Cancellations and Confirming Appointments, you will focus on the patient in multiple areas: pre-booking, six-month appointments, and hand-offs, as well as filling the schedule with confirmation calls and last minute cancellations, no-shows and the importance of confirming appointments. Finally, in the last two courses, we will address how you manage the Doctor Schedule and Hygiene Schedule and the complexities of each.

Each course contains five to seven focused videos to complement your online dental front office training, followed by a quiz to test your knowledge.

In your role, you will handle a variety of scheduling activities and patients throughout the day, every day. On-demand Front Office Rocks videos prepare you to handle each patient and every situation with confidence and ease.