Dental Assistant Development

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      • One Hour for New Assistants (1:13:21) Webinar
      • How Dental Assistants can be Leaders (27:00)
      • The Dental Assistant’s Role in the Morning Huddle (25:59)
      • How Dental Assistants Can Have a Bigger Role in the Office (28:39)
      • What a Doctor Looks for in an Assistant (9:52)
      • Anticipating Doctor’s Needs (20:33)
      • Ten Bad Habits Dental Assistants Should Stop Doing (30:09)
      • Making Patient’s Comfortable All The Time (10:31)
      • Never Leave a Patient Alone and What to Do (8:53)
      • Dental Assistants and Non-Patient Time (28:12)
      • What is Appropriate or Not Appropriate in the Back Office (30:01)