Everything You Need to Know if You Are New to Dental

Easily grasp the most pertinent information everyone working the front office should know.

Not everyone who works behind the front desk at a dental practice has gone through years worth of dental training. That’s why Front Office Rocks Founder Laura Nelson put together this introductory course to help you acclimate to your new role. Presenting all the most vital information that the front office team should know, Laura dynamically guides you through the ins and outs in order to facilitate a smooth transition into the world of dentistry. She’ll teach you about roles and responsibilities, supplies and equipment, as well as the most important takeaways about insurance (and much more).

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Course Instructor

Laura Nelson Laura Nelson Instructor

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1 year of access
    • Introduction to Dental
      • Welcome to Dental! Understanding Your Why and Providing Customer Service
      • Providing Exceptional Customer Service
      • Roles and Responsibilities within a Dental Office
      • A Review of Dental Offices, Supplies, and Equipment
      • Understanding Dental Concepts and Terminology When You Don’t Have Clinical Training 
      • The Most Important Takeaways About Insurance
      • Determining Your Purpose and How to Take Charge