Dental Assistant Customer Service Training

Do you know what makes a good dental assistant? You are the doctor’s right hand and the main point of contact while the patient is the back office. Your professionalism, customer service, and interaction with the patient plays a significant role in the patient’s perception of the practice as a whole. You can fix technique, but attitude and customer service must come first. You’re going to wear many hats at the dental practice and our goal for this course is to help you navigate your duties and help you excel as a dental assistant.

Dental Assistant Course Outline

We start the dental assistant category by addressing what the doctor expects from you, how your interactions with the patient affect the patient’s impression of the practice. Then, we guide you through bad habits that you need to break now and how to fill non-patient time productively. Finally, we look closely at how to become a leader in your dental practice and improve dental practice customer service. View the Dental Assistant Training Course Outline here.

Dental Assistant Documents

Tip sheets and checklists are an excellent way to reinforce what you’ve learned and serve as a point of reference to keep it all in the forefront of your customer service training. We have captured all of the best advice on easy to download and follow documents especially for the dental assistant. From worksheets to checklists, we’ve got you covered with these dental assistant training templates.

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