Dental Hygienist Customer Service Training

Your role as the hygienist often feels like the patient concierge. You collect the patient from the front the waiting area, offer “just a cleaning,” and then wait for the doctor to take over. This is how many patients view hygienists, but we know better and want to dispel that misconception and help patients understand how vital you are to their preventative dental care. The goal of this course is to help you build customer relationships and provide benefits in a way that creates value, credibility, and loyalty. Excellent customer service that makes a patient feel valued and cared for is a crucial ingredient in the recipe for patient retention and comprehensive treatment acceptance – and of course referrals!

Dental Hygienist Course Outline

Our training modules for hygienists are here to help you understand what a doctor is looking for in a dental hygienist, how to navigate the handoff from reception through the first appointment, explaining perio in a way that makes sense, and how to handle patients with focus on making them feel valued and builds rapport. The quality of customer service—or lack thereof—can make or break the success of a dental practice. View the Dental Hygienist Training Course Outline here.

Dental Hygienist Documents

Refer to the library of hygiene documents to support your customer service training. We’ve even included role playing scenarios and a hand off flow chart – all to help you put the customer first in the back office. From worksheets to checklists, we’ve got you covered with these Dental Hygienist templates. 

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