Two Companies, One Goal; Growing Your Dental Practice!


Where Data Meets Training

Dental Intelligence is making a big splash in the Dental Industry for capturing and converting data into easy to understand practice insight and analysis. The smartest software ever built for dentists – it tracks everything, analyzes instantly, finds opportunities, increases production, & so much more.

Front Office Rocks is the leader in virtual training for dental teams, and the founder Laura Hatch was named as one of the Top 25 Women in Dentistry. Once you know what you need to improve, the trick is teaching your team how to improve, and the “Why” behind it. From on-demand video modules, to pre-made documents and templates, we’ve got team training in the bag.

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Everything you’d expect from a call pop & so much more.


Phone & practice software integration.


On-screen pop-up & smart patient notification system. 


Actionable patient information.


Easy access to more information.


Track effectiveness of marketing.


Monitor new patient scheduling.


Track new patient opportunities.


Increase new patients who will schedule.


Steps To Grow Your Practice

Every business selling a service to consumers has data about their customers, user experience, trends, and more. All that data is filled with potential if you can learn to access it and use it to improve your dental practice. How powerful would it be to make decisions backed by actual numbers and information about company performance? That’s profit-increasing power you can’t afford to miss.

Front Office Rocks, together with Dental Intelligence, is helping you harness the data and improve your team to grow your practice.

New Patients

Recare & Reactivation

Reduce Cancellations & No-shows

Increase Collections

Decrease AR Ratio


What People Are Saying

I came to the office today and the whole schedule had fallen apart. The staff went into apathy. So I pulled up a Front Office Rocks video and showed them a video from the case acceptance series where Laura is interviewing the doctors. My staff got really pumped up. The schedule somehow filled itself and we ended up having a great day! We train our whole office on these videos and they are very well made and the best part is that the staff can start implementing everything immediately.

Sumbal Naqvi

Office Manager , Front Office Rocks

We have loved having all of the information in one spot, and not having to look for everything in Eaglesoft. The Collections Board has been completely revolutionary in the way I stay on top of collections – it’s taken off a big stress load and helped me to keep up in a timely manner.

Sarah Blair

Dentist , Dental Intelligence

Front Office Rocks and Dental Intelligence have partnered to give you the most precise, in-depth look at your practice ever.