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Instructions & Forms

Our policies are designed to give your office written systems on how to handle the daily issues that arise and ensure an efficient and productive team as well as a relaxed and customer service oriented atmosphere for your patients.

Receptionist Policies 
Scheduling Coordinator Policies
Treatment Coordinator Policies
Financial Coordinator Policies 
Office Manager Policies 

Lesson Documents

Here’s where you can find a list of all lesson documents for each training module.

Receptionist Lesson Documents 
Scheduling Coordinator Lesson Documents
Treatment Coordinator Lesson Documents (currently none at this time) 
Financial Coordinator Lesson Documents 
Office Manager Lesson Documents 

Job Descriptions

Hiring and building an effective team is so important to the overall success of your practice. We offer sample job descriptions to help you start thinking about the attributes you want to look for in each role. On our website as a client, we have many videos available in this category, such as Writing a Good Job Advertisement, Reading Resumes, Phone Interview, Interviewing and First Week on the Job.

Treatment Coordinator
Financial Coordinator
Office Manager
Dental Hygienist
Dental Assistant


Guide to a Great Voicemail Message

This Receptionist resource provides step by step instructions on how to leave the perfect voicemail message.

Entering New Patient to Eaglesoft

This Receptionist policy is designed as a step‐by‐step guide to entering a new dental patient’s information into Eaglesoft and to ensure that your front office has all of the required data needed to ease the transition for the patient and the front office staff.

Entering New Patient Paperwork

This Receptionist policy provides detailed information and definitions for the vital terms used while entering new patient information. Accuracy is vital when entering new patient information into your software. The entire practice relies on correct patient information to do their jobs.

Records Release Form

Sample Authorization for Use or Disclosure of Protected Health Information. Please work directly with your legal council or Human Resources professional to ensure your office is legally compliant while using any records release form.

Receptionist Monthly Tracking Sheet

This Receptionist checklist can be used to track and monitor the number of weekly and monthly recare and insurance calls that are made.

Child New Patient Form

This Receptionist form is perfect to give directly to your new child patients and can be filled out by themselves, while waiting for their appointment to begin.

New Patient Call in Form

This Receptionist form should be used to handle new patient calls. The form aids in asking the right questions and getting the answers the practice needs to provide the best customer experience possible.


Hand Off Policy

This Receptionist policy maps how to skillfully execute hand-offs in your office. The intention of good hand offs is to ensure that the patient is transitioned from one employee to the next with the correct amount of information and care.

Patients Asking for Records to be Forwarded

This Receptionist policy provides step by step instructions on how to handle a patient that calls and asks for their records to be forwarded to a new dentist, regardless of the reason.

Front Office Opening and Closing List

Each day we need to make sure we get certain things done to open the office efficiently and at the end of the day to make sure we close office correctly. This Receptionist policy is a list of steps that must be done by the first person in from the front office team in the morning.

Office Noise Policy

It is important to recognize that the noise level in the office can potentially increase the stress of patients and also may lower the ability to offer exceptional customer service. This Receptionist policy outlines how to manage the noise level in your office.


The Right Amount of Communication

Your communication skills can impact the flow of information throughout the office, not only helping you get what you need, but others getting what they need. This document focuses on the most efficient way to communicate with your team members and doctors and be effective through your communication.

Diagnostic / Preventative

If you are new to dental there are many basic dental terms that you will hear in a dental office daily that you need to know and understand. This document defines some of those terms in the area of diagnostic and preventative dentistry.

Perio-Gum Disease Overview

This document explains and illustrates what periodontal or gum disease is and how it is treated.