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Module 5 Billing Patients
Welcome to Billing Patients. Billing Patients is the fifth series in the Financial Coordinator course and in this series we discuss how to handle patient accounts. Your role in managing patient accounts is an important one and your ability to communicate effectively with patients about their financial obligation to the practice is vital. Although talking with patients about money can be difficult, here we will provide you with the tools you need to be properly prepared and to set the tone for the conversation. The videos in this series address how to balance and discuss patient accounts and answer patient questions with ease. Front Office Rocks recommends that you complete this series in the following order Balancing Patient Accounts, Handling Patient Balances Effectively, and Handling and Discussing Account Balances. At the conclusion of this series, you will be able to successfully review, balance, manage and discuss your office's patient accounts.
Unit 1 Balancing a Patient Account (9:11)
Unit 2 Handling Patient Balances Effectively (7:20)
Unit 3 Handling and Discussing Account Balances (6:30)