Module 3 Patient Accounts  
Welcome to Patient Accounts. Patient Accounts is the third series in the Financial Coordinator course. In this series, we look specifically at the patient and their account with the office. In your role as Financial Coordinator, you will work actively with the patients in your practice to help them understand their financial obligations and it is important to refine your communication skills. Here, we go into more detail about your role in figuring out patient balances, balancing patient accounts, family accounts and explanations to the patient. The videos in this series develop your knowledge and skills as you learn to deal directly with patients and their accounts. Front Office Rocks recommends that you complete Purpose of the Financial Insurance Position first to identify the expectations of the role in more detail. Next, complete Figuring Out Patient Balances – Patient Did Not Pay Last Time, Explaining a Balance to the Patient, Account Balances – The Importance of Notes, and Breaking Down the Patient’s Account to break down the parts of a patient’s account and how to address account issues. Finally, complete Family Account Billing Issues to learn the specific account needs of a family set up in your system.
Unit 1 Purpose of Financial Insurance Position
Unit 2 Figuring Out Patient Balances – Patient Did Not Pay Last Time
Unit 3 Explaining the balance to patients
Unit 4 Account Balances – The Importance of Notes
Unit 5 Breaking Down Patient’s Account
Unit 6 Family Account Billing Issues