Dental Financial Coordinator Documents & Resources

These templates are fully customizable to help your team navigate insurance and patient communication. 

Financial Coordinator Instructions & Forms

From checklists to job duties in an 8-hour day, the financial coordinator forms are easily downloaded and customized for your dental practice. The available instructions and forms will support your insurance coordinator and keep them on track!

Financial Coordinator Policies

Discussing money and insurance is never easy, but with the policies available in this module help your team communicate with dental patients about insurance, financing options and their dental health.

Financial Coordinator Lesson Documents

Looking for a document from one of our financial coordinator lessons? All financial coordinator training documents and useful insurance information can be found here.

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Financial Coordinator Daily Duties

The purpose of the Financial Coordinator is to maintain a productive and efficiently scheduled appointment book, keeping the office running smoothly and ensuring that patients are arriving on time to their scheduled appointment. Use this Financial Coordinator Daily Duties list to stay on track and ahead of the day.

Financial Coordinator Checklist

This Financial Coordinator Checklist can be used to track and monitor the financial insurance coordinator’s daily responsibilities specific to financial and insurance specific functions.

Insurance Downgrade Work Around

Oftentimes, insurance companies will “downgrade” benefits for treatment. The instructions in this work around will save you time during insurance submissions and multiple bills to patients.

Financial Coordinator Job Duties in Depth

This document outlines the duties of the financial coordinator with explanations as to what each step/duty is and why it is important. The instructions define each step, what it means, how it is done and why it is important to your role and the office. You will also find basic terms and their definitions for each step.

Insurance Information Found & Noted

When a new patient comes to us or a patient’s insurance changes, the front desk calls the insurance to verify their benefits and gets the breakdown of coverage. This information is initially written on a Benefit Breakdown sheet which is then scanned into the patient’s documents. Use this policy and supporting form to know what to capture and how to make accurate notes.

Patient Account Alert Examples

Use this list to pay better attention to account alerts when looking in accounts and/or walking a patient out. This is not all inclusive and you can add your own account alerts to it and customize it for your office.

8 Hour Day Outline - Financial Insurance Coordinator

As the insurance coordinator your day functions best when it is organized and well planned. You can use this graph and daily task table to help you organize your day and ensure productivity.

Narratives Required by Insurance Agencies

This policy is a list of treatments that typically require a narrative from insurance companies when submitting a claim. This list is a good starting point of reference to determine whether your claim should include a narrative at submission. Remember to add to it as you discover additional treatments that require narratives.


Calling on Outstanding Insurance

Most insurance companies accept electronic claims, which are typically returned to us within two weeks. However, some insurance companies only accept paper claims, which can take much longer to be returned. Whether the claim was sent by mail or electronically, it is important to track the status of claims over 30 days old. Use this policy to manage outstanding insurance calls.

Out of Network Letter to Patients

This letter to patients can be used as a template to inform patients that the office is no longer in-network and provides the details they need pertinent to their dental care. You can use this letter as is or customize it for your office.

Collecting Outstanding Balances

Collecting outstanding balances from patients who have appointments each day is important to the financial flow of the office because it may be the only time we see them in a six month period. Use this policy to establish the appropriate steps to take when managing collections in your office.


How Dental Codes Work

This document outlines dental codes, what they mean and how they work and will serve as a reference while completing and submitting claims.

Explanation of Benefits

Whenever the dental office bills an insurance company for a procedure for a patient, the insurance company sends the dental office and the patient an Explanation of Benefits (EOB). Each insurance company’s EOB look different but typically have the same information. This document illustrates the information that you can expect to see on the majority of EOBs.

Benefit Breakdown Form

This document can be used to help you manage insurance benefits for each patient by breaking down their benefits. You can use this form to capture patient information, coverage percentages, frequency, and hygiene. There is also a place to enter your fees versus UCR and ortho if needed.

Figuring Out Patient Balances - Patient Did Not Pay Last Time

This is a reference document that provides a screen shot sample of a patient account with an unpaid balance.

Insurance Terms

This document defines insurance terms. Refer to this comprehensive list of terms and descriptions while initiating and submitting claims.

Understanding Insurance Claims

This document uses a sample insurance claim to identify important parts of each claim.

Understanding Employer Versus Insurance Company

This document defines the terms used to describe either a patient’s employer or their insurance plan. You can use these definitions during patient set up in your software system to distinguish between the two and ensure an accurate patient record.

Fee Schedule Versus Coverage Book

This is a reference document that provides a screen shot samples of how to determine whether you should use a fee schedule or the coverage book.

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