Dental Financial Coordinator Webinars

Join us once as Laura dives deep into the obstacles of working as a Financial Coordinator at a dental practice.

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Top 5 Dental Insurance Questions Webinar with Laura Hatch and Teresa Duncan

Working with dental insurance can be a trying job at times. We’ve got your back though dental rockstars! In this webinar, Laura and Dental Insurance Expert Teresa Duncan discuss the answers to their Top 5 Dental Insurance Questions!

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Membership Club Webinar Featuring Dr. Chris Phelps and Laura Hatch

Welcome to the replay of our Membership Club Webinar and our first joint webinar featuring a guest speaker.  Watch and listen to Laura and Dr. Chris Phelps discuss one of the hottest topics in dentistry, Membership Clubs.

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How to Explain Insurance and Unexpected Balances to Patients

Love it or hate it, insurance is something that everyone in the dental industry has to deal with on a regular basis. To serve our patients well, it’s vital for us to understand the ins and outs of insurance, including the details of what’s covered and not covered by specific plans. After all, when patients come to us for treatment, one of the first questions they inevitably ask is, “Will this be covered by my insurance?”

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Eaglesoft Dental Insurance Webinar with Andre Shirdan and Laura Hatch

Would you like to learn more about setting up the various Insurance providers within Eaglesoft and increase your dental practice efficiency further? Check out Laura’s fourth webinar collaboration with go-to Eaglesoft expert, Andre Shirdan and listen in on the discussion about how to properly enter dental insurance information into your reporting program.

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Eaglesoft Service Codes and Quick Picks Webinar with Laura Hatch and Andre Shirdan

Learn more about your dental software, Eaglesoft service codes and Quick Picks! Watch Laura’s sixth joint webinar with go-to Eaglesoft expert Andre Shirdan to listen in on the discussion about dental service codes and quicks picks for your Eaglesoft software.

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