Module 1 Office Manager Job Duties  
Welcome to Office Manager Job Duties. Manager Job Duties is the first video series in the Office Manager course and in this series we take a closer look at your role and responsibilities in the office. In addition to learning the key responsibilities of your role, you likely have a significant role in hiring new staff. The seven videos in this series walk you through the expectations of this role and the entire hiring process from writing the job advertisement to the employee’s first week on the job. Front Office Rocks recommends that you complete this series with Office Manager Responsibilities first. Next, complete Writing a Good Job Advertisement, Reading Resumes, Phone Interview, Interviewing, and Interview Management Style which will assist you in navigating the hiring process. Finally, complete First Week on the Job to prepare for your new employee’s arrival and ensure their success in their new position on your team.
Unit 1 Office Manager Responsibilities
Unit 2 Writing a Good Job Advertisement
Unit 3 Reading Resumes
Unit 4 Phone Interview
Unit 5 Interviewing
Unit 6 Interview Management Style
Unit 7 First Week on the Job