Module 3 Customer Service  
Welcome to The Importance of Great Customer Service. This is the third of the six courses in your dental front office training series for the role Receptionist. This course focuses on your customer service skills in seven key areas of communication at the front desk. Effective communication is vital to your success in customer service and managing the day-to-day patient operations in your office. The videos in this series focus on the details surrounding a patient visit, such as waiting, late or disgruntled patients, as well as handing off patients and asking for referrals. Front Office Rocks recommends that you complete the Conversations with Patients, Waiting, and Handling Late Patients videos first to familiarize yourself with best-known methods of patient communication and customer service. Next, you can move on to How to Handle a Disgruntled Patient, How to Hand Off Clients, and Effectively Handling the Check Out Process to increase your proficiency in the more specific situations that you may encounter. Finally, complete Asking for Referrals to get acquainted with the skills needed to help the practice grow.
Unit 1 Conversations with Patients
Unit 2 Waiting
Unit 3 Handling Late Patients
Unit 4 How to Handle a Disgruntled Patient
Unit 5 How to Hand Off Clients
Unit 6 Efficiently Handling the Check Out Process
Unit 7 Asking for Referrals