Module 6 Introduction to Dental  
Welcome to Introduction to Dental. During this course, you will be introduced to the most efficient way to communicate with others in your office, as well as various dental terms, procedures, and treatments. This is the final series in your dental receptionist online training and will conclude with a conversation among several experienced office team members who provide their insight into how to be a success in your new role. Whether you are new to dentistry or bring years of experience to your position, it is valuable to spend time reviewing key functions in your role. Front Office Rocks recommends that you complete The Right Amount of Communication and Diagnostic / Preventative first. Then, follow with Restorative, Missing Teeth and Perio-Gum Disease to expand your knowledge of frequently used terms and treatments in many dental offices. Finally, finish the series with Tips for New Employees to hear what actual dental office staff say are the most important attributes of any new team member.
Unit 1 The Right Amount of Communication
Unit 2 Diagnostic and Preventative
Unit 3 Restorative
Unit 4 Missing Teeth
Unit 5 Perio-Gum Disease
Unit 6 Tips For New Dental Employees