Module 1 Reception Organization and Management.  
During this receptionist training course, you will learn the purpose of your role and how reception organization and management allows you to present yourself and represent the front desk in the most effective way. Dental front desk training is the most useful tool in your training because our on-demand videos will walk you through each phase of your position, including handling walk-in patients, salespeople and privacy laws (HIPAA). A dental office is a busy place and you will experience phones ringing, anyone walking in the door at any time, and a variety of issues that will evolve from day to day. This course will prepare you to handle, with professionalism and ease, whatever comes your way. Front Office Rocks recommends that you complete the Purpose of Reception and Bad Etiquette training videos first, followed by Introduction to HIPAA, Handling Walk-In Patients and Handling Walk-In Salespeople. By the conclusion of this category, you will feel ready to tackle anything that happens at your front desk.
Unit 1 Purpose of The Dental Receptionist
Unit 2 Exceptional Service and Etiquette
Unit 3 Introduction to HIPAA In The Dental Practice
Unit 4 Handling Walk-in Salespeople
Unit 5 Handling Walk-in Patients