Module 2 Telephone Skills and Etiquette  
Welcome to Telephone Skills and Etiquette. During this course, you will learn professional techniques for managing the front desk phone and phone calls. This phase of your online dental receptionist training will take you through required telephone skills and various types of patient calls, including patients asking for x-rays and dental emergencies. The phone at the front desk is the dental office’s life line. This course will prepare you to handle, with expertise and efficiency, whatever calls come into your office on a daily basis. Front Office Rocks recommends that you complete the Phone Training, How to Take a Good Message and Excellent Telephone Skills training videos first to establish a solid foundation in your telephone training. Next, follow with Lunches and Phone Coverage, Dental Emergencies, and Patients Asking for X-Rays to learn how to handle various call situations. When you have completed this category, you will feel confident and ready to answer your patient calls.
Unit 1 Phone Training
Unit 2 How To Take A Good Message
Unit 3 Excellent Telephone Skills
Unit 4 How to Handle Lunches & Phone Coverage
Unit 5 Dental Emergencies
Unit 6 Patients asking for Records
Unit 7 How to Handle Phones in Front Of Patients