Dental Receptionist Webinars

Join us as Laura dives deep into the obstacles of a Dental Receptionist running the front desk of a dental practice.

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How to Rock the New Patient Phone Call – A Receptionists Must

New dental patients are essential to your practice and as such, the first call must be a priority and handled with excellent customer service. As a receptionist, how are your new patient calls currently handled? Are you making a connection with your new patients and getting them scheduled?

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5 Best Kept Secrets to Every Phone Call That Increase Your New Patients, Production and Collections

Do you want more new patients, higher production, and better collections? Laura has the secret to making it a reality.  As an office manager, Laura knows what works and what doesn’t. Are you ready to see your numbers improve?
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Creating the Ultimate New Patient Experience

I talk with dental teams around the country, and I often hear that the biggest issue for them is that they don’t have enough new patients. When I ask them questions about this problem, I find out that dental teams are viewing patients as very insurance-driven.

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HIPAA Compliance Made Easy Webinar with Laura Hatch and Steve White

Want to learn more about HIPAA compliance and protecting your dental practice and patient’s privacy? Listen in on the discussion all about HIPAA compliance and how to make it easier for your dental team.

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