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Dental receptionists handle a variety of dental office administrative duties, such as scheduling appointments, updating dental records and filing bills. While formal education isn’t typically required, training the person who is the face of customer service to your patients will increase patient satisfaction and directly impact your office growth. Compiled from years of experience, learn invaluable receptionist techniques and tips in our Dental Receptionist Training Program.

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Dental Receptionist Course Outline

New to the dental industry? Don’t worry about a thing. The Dental Receptionist training begins with how to get and stay organized in reception and will take you all the way through to HIPAA and an introduction to dental terminology. Our dental receptionist training courses provide your dental front office team the tools they need to communicate effectively with patients from the initial call through check out, all while keeping an eye on the highest level of customer service. View our dental receptionist training course outline. 

Dental Receptionist Documents

Wish there was a manual you could hand to your dental receptionist during their training with all the forms they need to execute their role efficiently? We have you covered! You will find a full document library just for dental receptionists with a focus on what they do best – interact with patients. View our front office documents.

Dental Receptionist Webinars

While your team navigates the dental receptionist foundation courses, invite the entire front office to join us each month as we dive into the dental receptionist role with customer service training and patient communication techniques that will boost your office production and alleviate stress from reception to the back office. It can all begin with learning how to rock the new patient phone call. Want to see a list of all dental front office training webinars? Click here. 

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“As a receptionist of a dental office, you are many times the first person potential patients talk to and usually the last smiling face they see as they leave their dental appointment.  It is the receptionist’s job to make each interaction with the patients an amazing one, on top of being in control of all the hectic things that can happen in the reception area of a dental office daily.  A receptionist is key to how patients view their experience in the office and being in control of the environment and offering exceptional customer service to every patient is vital to the success of the dental office.”

Top 6 Documents For Dental Front Office

Front Office Rocks started as a tool for Laura’s own office when she had to train her team on scheduling, cancellations, no-shows, and office policies. 

Our training will help you run the front office with confidence and great customer service.

From price shoppers to entering new patient information into your system, we’ve got a guide or template to help make your job at the front desk easier.

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  New Patient Forms

form aids to help you capture pertinent information on new patients over the phone


provides detailed information and definitions for the vital terms used while entering new patient information

  Guide to Voicemail

step by step instructions on how to leave the perfect voicemail message.

  Front Office Opening and Closing List

This policy is a list of steps that must be done by the first person in from the front office team


  Handling Late Patients

When patients run late, you need the ability to handle the situation. Use this form along with the video.

  Receptionist Tracking Sheet

track and monitor the number of weekly and monthly recare and insurance calls that are made.

What are dental front office duties?

The Front Office is the face of the practice and the lifeline to outside your four walls. Working the dental office front desk is requires excellent customer service skills.

You will be dealing with people on a day to day basis, and these people don’t necessarily want to come to the dentist and spend money. The receptionist plays a vital role in aiding the dentist and back office team in selling oral health.

We have an entire section of our training dedicated to help you rock the front desk role.

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Front Office Support

Whether you’ve worked in dentistry for the last ten years or you’re brand new to dentistry, we’ve got you covered.

Dental receptionists are the first and last impression a patient has of their dental practice. From price shoppers to handling late patients, we want you to be be prepared to handle all the situations that you’ll face in your position.

In addition to training videos, we have checklists and guides to help you remember all the information you’re responsible for handling. Can’t find what you need, send us a message on live chat and we’ll point you in the right direction or create what you need based on our 20 year experience in running a dental practice.




Ask-Laura-get-expert-help_Dental Receptionist Training Courses - Front Office Rocks

We recommend watching all the video modules in each unit, but when your team needs answers now, this section will help. 

How do you answer the question “Do you take my insurance”?

Yes! We work with all insurances, let me explain...
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What do you say to potential new patients who want to know how much for…?

For price shoppers, we recommend...
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Articles for Dental Front Office Teams

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“Just a Cleaning”? Absolutely Not! But it Takes a Dental Team Effort to Get Patients on Board

I recently wrote an article for DentistryIQ where I discussed how our office noticed patients were not scheduling their recare appointments because we referred to the appointment as “just” a cleaning. This minimized the importance of the appointment and allowed...

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Front Office Can Help Remove ‘Just a Cleaning’ Image From the Minds of Dental Patients

Front Office Can Help Remove ‘Just a Cleaning’ Image From the Minds of Dental Patients

Our office recently experienced a breakthrough in getting our patients scheduled for recare appointments. It’s hard to get patients to schedule this type of appointment before they leave the office. They were saying, “I’ll have to call you later to schedule. I...

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The Dental Patient Hand Off Don’t Drop the Ball

The Dental Patient Hand Off Don’t Drop the Ball

There are many elements to integrate high-quality customer service into a dental office, but I find the best way to do this is to start one step at a time. This article focuses on one of the missed opportunities in many dental offices that will not only improve customer service for your patients...

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