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Dental Scheduling Coordinator Webinars

Join us as Laura dives deep into the obstacles of coordinating the schedule at a dental practice.

Watch the following Scheduling Coordinator Webinars

Reactivation Techniques to Fill The Dental Schedule

Every patient should leave with their next appointment schedule; however, some patients will sneak through the cracks. Join us live as we cover reactivation techniques to fill the schedule and increase revenue within your practice.

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10 Ways to Decrease Last Minute Cancellations & No Shows

Specifically for cancellations in the doctor’s schedule, you need to have a game plan, but the plan starts long before the day of the patient’s appointment. In this webinar, we’re covering 10 ways you can avoid cancellations and no-shows in your dental schedule.

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How to Maximize your Efficiency with Eaglesoft Webinar Replay

If you want to increase your dental practice efficiency – you want to join us!  Watch Laura and our Eaglesoft guru, Andre, in the webinar replay of How to Maximize your Efficiency with Eaglesoft and listen in on their discussion about scheduling in the dental office.

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Eaglesoft Reports and Scheduling Webinar Replay with Laura Hatch and Andre Shirdan

Watch and listen along with the discussion about Eaglesoft Reports and how to best utilize them for scheduling in the dental office.

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Basics of Building a Productive Schedule

Does your team fully understand how to build a productive schedule? Watch the webinar replay to hear Laura’s best tips on how to build a productive schedule.

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