10 Ways to Decrease Last Minute Cancellations and No Shows

Webinar Replay

Specifically for cancellations in the doctor’s schedule, you need to have a game plan. 

What you need to do is find out the real reason why someone is cancelling. Are they actually sick? Or do they just not want to come in? If the patient does not understand the importance of the getting the treatment done, then they are not going to show up. We need to make certain they understand.

If a patient understands that they could potentially lose a tooth, need a root canal, etc., if they don’t keep their appointment, they are more likely to show for their scheduled time.

In this webinar, we’re covering 10 ways you can avoid cancellations and no-shows in your dental schedule.

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WATCHING AS A TEAM? Download the Team Meeting Outline for 10 Ways to Decrease Cancellations and No Shows, to review with the group.


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