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Module 6 Building an Efficient Hygiene Schedule
Welcome to Building an Efficient Hygiene Schedule. This is the final series in the Scheduling course and it takes a closer look at the hygiene schedule and its importance to the office’s productivity, how to keep it full and what your role as Hygiene Coordinator requires. Now that you are well-versed in scheduling and the importance of a productive schedule, it is time to learn what steps to take to keep a full hygiene schedule, confirm hygiene appointments and address overdue recare appointments. This video series will examine best known methods of successfully scheduling, confirming and keeping a full hygiene schedule. Front Office Rocks recommends that you complete Hygiene Scheduling, Overdue Recare Calls, and Duties of a Hygiene Coordinator first. Then, follow with Confirming Hygiene Appointments, Tips to Keep the Hygiene Schedule Full, and the Periodontal Overview to become even more vested in the efficiency of the hygiene schedule and the patient’s overall health.
Unit 1 Hygiene Scheduling (8:11)
Unit 2 Overdue Recare Calls (4:13)
Unit 3 Duties of Hygiene Coordinator (7:09)
Unit 4 Confirming Appointments (9:17)
Unit 5 Periodontal Overview (8:31)
Unit 6 Keeping Hygiene Schedule Full (8:13)