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Module 4 Confirming Appointments
Welcome to Confirming Appointments. This series begins the second half of your Scheduling training. In order to keep the schedule full and productive, the office must have appointments and it is imperative that those appointments are confirmed. We have addressed cancellations and no-shows and here we will look closely at how you can effectively confirm appointments through phone calls, patient responses and next day reviews. This video series will develop the procedures used in your office to confirm your patients on a regular basis and will provide real examples of how you can make sure patients show up for their appointments. Front Office Rocks recommends that you complete Confirmation Calls and Confirmation Calls with Patient’s Response first. Then, follow with Next Day Review and Next Day Reviewer to learn the steps you can take during the next day review to prepare the entire team for upcoming appointments. Finally, finish the series with Shake the Flakes and Confirming Suggestions and Resources for tips and suggestions to manage the office’s confirmation process and “appointment flakes.”
Unit 1 Confirmation Calls (5:25)
Unit 2 Confirmation Call with Patient Responses (5:01)
Unit 3 Next Day Review (4:13)
Unit 4 Next Day Reviewer (7:16)
Unit 5 Shake the Flakes (7:13)
Unit 6 Confirmation Suggestions and Resources (9:17)