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Module 1 Understanding Scheduling
Welcome to Understanding Scheduling. This is the first of six courses in your Scheduling training videos. Before you are able to dive deeper into more complex scheduling issues, it is important to understand the foundation of the office schedule. The schedule serves as the center of operations for a practice and its accuracy and effectiveness has a direct impact on the doctor and hygiene schedule and monthly financial goals. This first video series will introduce you to block scheduling and other key factors in managing a productive schedule. Front Office Rocks recommends that you complete Dental Office Scheduling, Know Your Scheduling Policy, What is Block Scheduling and Putting Blocks Into Your Schedule first. Then, follow with Effective Scheduling for Doctor and Hygienist to learn the specifics for each type of clinician. Finally, finish the series with Monthly Goal and Scheduling and Using QuickFill Effectively to breakdown and determine the office’s monthly and daily goals, as well as how to use QuickFill to achieve those goals.
Unit 1 Dental Office Scheduling (6:04)
Unit 2 Know Your Scheduling Policy (6:41)
Unit 3 What is Block Scheduling? (11:46)
Unit 4 Putting Blocks Into The Schedule (6:29)
Unit 5 Effective Scheduling for Doctor and Hygienist (7:50)
Unit 6 Monthly Goal & Scheduling (5:37)
Unit 7 Using QuickFill Effectively (9:47)