Dental Treatment Coordinator Training Course Outline

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Treatment Coordinator Course Training Video: Asking the patient to pay.

As the liason between the patient and the dentist, a dental Treatment Coordinator is a high profile position. In this role, you work closely with the doctor to ensure that the dental patient understands the treatment itself and why it is needed. Organization, exceptional communication skills, a positive attitude, consistent follow-through and the ability to multi-task are keys to your success as a Dental Treatment Coordinator. Your priority is to assist the doctor in getting patients to understand and accept the recommended treatment and subsequently coordinate the treatment plan to work for both the patient and the dental office.

The treatment coordinator training videos in this series will address each of your front office responsibilities while you help the patient navigate their concerns, such as insurance, payment, or scheduling conflicts, as they make the decision to move forward with the work that will keep them healthy. In addition, we will look closely at the responsibility that comes with being the face of the office to the patient, the confidence you must have and the extensive knowledge of office policies and procedures that is required to do your job well while prioritizing the patient’s health.

Module 1 Consultations
Unit 1 Purpose of the Treatment Coordinator (8:57)
Unit 2 What Doctors Look for in a Treatment Plan Coordinator (7:01)
Unit 3 The Importance of Consultations (6:35)
Unit 4 How to do Consultations Chairside (7:46)
Unit 5 Handling Patient Questions in Consultations (6:37)
Unit 6 Can't It Wait? (5:49)
Module 2 Treatment Planning
Unit 1 Preparing for a Consultation/Treatment Plan Presentation (7:27)
Unit 2 Treatment Coordinator Helping With Questions In Consult (6:23)
Unit 3 Helping Patients From First Call to Treatment Presentation (7:29)
Unit 4 Dealing With a Patient Who Wants to do "Partial Treatment" (6:29)
Module 3 Discussing Money
Unit 1 Asking the Patient to Pay (5:11)
Unit 2 Being Prepared to Collect A Patient Balance (3:56)
Unit 3 Emergency Appointment – Discussing Money Prior to Treatment (5:59)
Unit 4 Getting Patients Closed for Treatment & Finances (5:57)
Module 4 Patient Acceptance
Unit 1 Patients Need to Understand Their Treatment Plan (8:01)
Unit 2 Why Front Desk Consults Don't Work (8:01)
Unit 3 Case Acceptance Interview with Doctors (8:31)
Unit 4 Post OP Calls (3:17)
Module 5 Insurance Discussion
Unit 1 Calculating Dental Insurance Benefits (8:40)
Unit 2 I Am Only Doing What The Insurance Covers (7:44)
Unit 3 How to Handle The "Insurance Focused" Patient (7:19)
Unit 4 Looking Ahead to Avoid Insurance Issues (11:29)
Unit 5 Communicating with Patients about Insurance and Financial Obligations (12:25)
Module 6 Unscheduled Treatment
Unit 1 Outstanding Treatment Plan Meeting (5:15)
Unit 2 Follow up Treatment Plan Calls (4:30)
Unit 3 Following Up on Unscheduled Treatment (9:20)
Module 7 Treatment Coordinator Training Evaluation Survey
Unit 1 Treatment Coordinator Training Evaluation Survey Form

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