Module 6 Unscheduled Treatment  
Welcome to Unscheduled Treatment. This is the final series in the Treatment Coordinator Course and it focuses on the task of managing unscheduled treatment in the dental office. Oftentimes and for various reasons, patients do not schedule their prescribed treatment while they are in the office on the day of the consultation. However, with a policy in place, a plan to follow and persistence, you can successfully and systematically follow up with patients who have outstanding treatment plans to ensure they schedule in a timely manner. The videos in this series teach you how to prepare for an outstanding treatment meeting and what steps to take to follow up with patients who need treatment but are currently unscheduled. Front Office Rocks recommends that you complete Outstanding Treatment Plan Meeting and Follow Up Treatment Calls first, followed by Following Up on Unscheduled Treatment to complete the series and build your confidence in managing patients who need to be scheduled.
Unit 1 Outstanding Treatment Plan Meeting
Unit 2 Follow up Treatment Plan Calls
Unit 3 Following Up on Unscheduled Treatment