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Dental Treatment Coordinator Documents & Resources

Each document below serves as a template to help your team boost case acceptance and accept treatment plans. 

Treatment Coordinator Instructions & Forms

The templates in this module are designed specifically for the team member who does the treatment plan presentations and/or financial arrangements in a dental office. They are designed to aid in communicating with patients about their treatment and coordinate directly with the scheduler.

Treatment Coordinator Policies

It would be great if every patient said yes to their treatment and scheduled right away, but we need to prepare for those patients who have questions, cancel, and are now overdue for treatment. These policies will help answer the questions and fill the gaps.

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Payment Agreement Form

Use this form to confirm an agreement between the practice and the patient to receive payment for treatment and services. One agreement is good for each patient and is valid until the patient requests and updates the financial agreement.

Letter and Email Samples to Send to Patients

Communication with patients is an important part of coordinating treatment. These templates are a good starting point for creating your own library of templates or using them just as they are to communicate effectively with your patients. Strong communication techniques will yield a full and productive schedule.

Next Day Reviewer - Treatment Coordinator

The purpose of reviewing the schedule a day ahead is to make sure that we maximize tomorrow and we do all we can today to make it run smoothly. The first step is to print a copy of the schedule for tomorrow. Use these instructions to stay organized and effective prior to and during your next day review.


Verbal Skills to Confirm Patient Payment

The doctor’s scheduler is in charge of the doctor’s schedule and needs to confirm with the patient not only their appointment time, but their financial obligation for the appointment. It is a significant help when scheduling patients, whether from the consult rooms or over the phones, to verify the patient’s plan for payment.

Old Patient Returns with Outstanding Treatment

Most of our patients schedule their treatment at the time of the consultation and get it done in a timely manner, however, there are a few patients that just don’t follow that rule. With a high level of commitment, we work to get them scheduled by calling them, emailing them and sometimes bringing them back in for a second consult. Follow this policy to manage returning patients and their outstanding treatment.

Treatment Plan Follow Up Policy

At the end of the consult with a patient, the treatment plan coordinator must note what happened with the patient and any follow up that is needed. Use this policy to outline what steps need to be taken for each patient that requires treatment plan follow up, including weekly and monthly meeting updates.