Question: Do you have advice for a front office team managing calls for a private practice and dental school?

So, it’s a dental school but there is a private practice located inside the dental school. Inside the dental school, is the doctors that come through the private practice section of the of the school, essentially is full time doctors that are teachers there. They each work four hours a week, so they have forty providers that come through, ranging everything from general on up, so they have like eight perios, six general, two pedo, so they have a little bit of everything, but they only are required to come in four hours a week. So with that being said, they have four, kind of five, team members working the front office area, but they’re trying to figure out what is going to be the best way to run those offices with those four people that they have because it’s constant turnaround with a new doctor coming in. And that doctor sees their own patients, when they get scheduled, they come back to that doctor when they’re back on.

The first confusion is that they have a dental school side and they have their private practice side. So what happens is, the first problem they’re having are phone calls coming in as a whole. It doesn’t matter if they’re calling for private or they’re calling for the school. So they’re trying to figure out a. verbiage to figure out are they calling for the dental school side? Or are they calling for the private practice? Because a majority of the people that are calling have no clue that there’s two different sides.


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