Doctor Customer Service Training

Patients should be so impressed by the service they receive at every level — the team’s courtesy, the doctor’s excellence, the staff’s overall attentiveness, and the attractiveness of the office — they could not imagine going anywhere else for their dental care. We can help you navigate every facet of patient interaction while the patient is in your chair and in your operatory. From angry and scared patients, to exam protocol and understanding treatment. The doctor’s role is paramount in case acceptance and patient retention.

Doctor Training Course Outline

While all of healthcare is a business model, we are in the business of serving customers first. Back Office Rocks training for Doctors is designed to help you understand the different types of patients and guide them through their treatment in a way that builds rapport and makes them feel comfortable. We’ve also included a module specifically for implementing training for your team to ensure buy-in and continuity throughout the office. View the Doctor Training Course Outline here.

Doctor Training Documents

As the doctor, the entire team looks to you when deciding how to elevate their own customer service. We have your training covered with detailed worksheets and tip sheets designed to get you thinking about how you can take big steps in the patient experience in your office. From checklists to worksheets, we’ve got you covered with these Doctor document templates. 

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